November 17th 6pm - 9pm
Internet Cafe NAVIG@TOR Igielna 14 50-001 Wrocław, Poland

Transfer3D SPEED SHOW will explore the episodic ideological background as well as trends of art that refer to the issues of three-dimensionality and interactivity. We are reviewing trends that are emerging now, and explore the evolution of three-dimensional object creation. Currently, we are at a pivotal moment where a new world of art is closer to the foundations set by virtual reality. The invited artists dissect these issues and experiment in various techniques with new technological possibilities offered to us by the Internet we have today.

Just as the 'Z-buffer' shows the distance from the observer, Transfer3D SPEED SHOW will present a picture of the observed trends and relationships in the net art that widely employs the medium of 3D design.

Categories which will be presented at the show: Real 3D, Magic 3D, Fake 3D, Dirty 3D, Glitch 3D, Anti 3D, pseudo 3D, Augmented 3D, 3D Ready and 2.5 D

Participating Artists:

Anthony Antonellis
Kim Asendorf
LaTurbo Avedon
Max Capacity
Aaron Chan
Manuel Fernández
Isaac Hicks
Rollin Leonard
Lorna Mills
Rich Oglesby
Dominik Podsiadly
Erik H Rzepka
Xavier Valentine
Giselle Zatonyl

Curated by: Małgosia Woźnica and Dominik Podsiadly.

Special thanks:
Marek Pijet
Rich Oglesby
And all friends.

The SPEED SHOW exhibition format: Hit an Internet-cafe, rent all computers they have and run a show on them for one night. All art works of the participating artists need to be on-line (not necessarily public) and are shown in a typical browser with standard plug-ins. Performance and live pieces may also use pre-installed communication programs (instant messaging, VOIP, video chat etc). Custom software (except browser add-ons) or off-line files are not permitted.
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