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I've been featured in Interview Magazine Russia. Thanks to George Zakharov for interviewing me.


(English Exerpt)

Net art vs written pieces. Our attention span has decreased more than ever.
Do we react now only to images and/or moving things?

I think our attention span hasn't changed, it is the amount of information available to us that has increased. So when sifting and looking at artwork it takes more for an individual piece to stand out; that's where movement and interactivity have a definite advantage. Of course that is only the delivery method, once you've arrived content is still king.

Net art vs technology. Everything's a flow now and it seems that the age of stories (narrative) has come to an end. Has art's perception changed because of the mediums?

With each new technology comes the introduction of new tools and possibilities. But the utilization is the same, we are simply extending. It isn't hard to imagine some of the future applications of technology, we simply look to our pre-existing processes, practical needs, and technological desires, and eventually we will see part of the spectrum of future development. Ultimately art occurs in and reflects upon these new situations, what art is doing hasn’t changed, how it is doing it has.

Net art vs meme. Internet is a competitive, serious business.
What should get more likes and be reblogged more?

I feel orginality comes from a cummulative process, and I see works by many artists building upon each other akin to a conversation. Because this dialog can happen so rapidly, memes and repetition become important for developing points of saturation, establishing emphasis, and keeping the conversation aligned. I don’t think being populist should be taken as an indicator of importance. But with this convergence of authorship and usership, those works which elicit a heavy response will gain more traction and have a larger impact.

Net art vs time. Are you concerned about your art making it into the year of 2100?

I mentioned I believe originality is the successful addition to a cumulative process, building off of what was there before; so even if there is no direct evidence of my work in 2100, it will still be there deep inside the snowball. If it is successful it will survive by being reincarnated as reusable information. If not I hope at least to have a page in Wikipedia by then!