Sheroes #5: Yoko Ono

shero-announce-with-yolo-1▀▄░▄▀ ▄▀▄ █░▄▀ ▄▀▄ ▄▀▄ █▄░█ ▄▀▄ ▀▄░▄▀ █▀▀ ▄▀▀
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16 December 2011
9:00pm until 1:30am

NACO Gallery
1665 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M6K 1V2\


SPAMM - SuPer Art Modern Museum


IRL Vernissage 19 January 2012 at La Cantine, Paris

Is This Thing On?

ITTO banner

I have work in the second part: Quality Control, Opening 19 December 2011 @ CAC Cincinnati

Guest curated by Jordan Tate and Aaron Walker, this exhibition presents three distinct subsets of video art practice. Each one addresses specific concerns relative to the history and future of video art ranging from early portapack experiments to more recent explorations of internet culture and sculptural video installations. The first installment, Screen Test (Nov 5), traces the history of performance video, showcasing the changing role of technology and new media trends. The second, Quality Control (Dec 19), looks at process-based works and the role of video art in a broader, new media context. The final phase, New Forms (Feb 11), builds on the previous installations to consider the future of combined media works and challenge popular assumptions of both the form and function of contemporary video art.

Special Ellipse


Simulation of a Feeling is in NOLA at Special Ellipse

Special Ellipse
December 10th, 2011 - January 8th, 2012.
The Front. 4100 St. Claude Avenue. New Orleans, LA.

The Front is an artist run collective that fosters the development of contemporary art in New Orleans through exhibitions and community-based projects.

A circle is a special ellipse in which the two foci are coincident and the eccentricity is 0.

A circle is a simple shape of Euclidean geometry consisting of those points in a plane that are a given distance from a given point, the centre.

Anthony Antonellis
Justin Chun
Francoise Gamma
Adam Harms
Rollin Leonard
Sally McKay
Lorna Mills
Hendrik Niefeld
Flynn O'Brien
Ian Paul
Yoshi Sodeoka

Curated by Ryan Watkins-Hughes

Utilizza La Tua Illusione I

useyourillusionbubblebyte.orgPress Release
Utilizza La Tua Illusione I
03/12/11 - 29/12/11

Adam Cruces, Travess Smalley, Samara Scott, Theodore Darst, Sylvain Sailly, Paul Flannery, Thomas Hobson, Anthony Antonellis.

Private view
7 pm - 11 pm GMT (2-6pm EST / 11am – 3pm PST) is pleased to present Utilizza La Tua Illusione I, a group exhibition by diverse International practitioners incorporating abstract imagery and optical illusion to deform reality and represent animated colorful distorted dimensions.The show is inspired by the epic 1993 Guns N’ Roses album, Use Your Illusion I, one of two albums released in conjunction with the Use Your Illusion Tour, the last time that the band ever played together on stage, signalling a turning point in the band and their music.

Simulation of a Feeling


Simulation of a Feeling
Runtime 3 min 20 seconds

Simulation of a Feeling is a virtual scene constructed of dual holographic cubes within a Second Life landscape. From the cubes Thalia Raftopoulou reads aloud descriptions about platonic solids in her text-to-speech voice. The simulation is an experiment in virtual presence modeled after the weird feeling I had while watching the 1999 virtual reality themed film eXistenZ.

Sheroes #4: Madonna



18 November 2011
9:00pm until 12:00am

NACO Gallery
1665 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M6K 1V2

Sheroes #4: The Madonna Set List Amsterdam Photos/Video/Gifs


Prosume This! – the Product is the Medium

Prosume This!

This Friday we open our show, Prosume This! – the Product is the Medium, at the electronics store BEKO at Kottbusser str 9 in Berlin Beko is a typical mid sized electronic retail chain who will lend us some of their corporate space. We are using 30 of their high definition screens to show works by 10 great artists. For a couple of hours during their regular opening times, we’ll display video and net-art pieces on the stores TV walls.


18th of November, 17:00 – 19:00
BEKO, Kottbusser Str. 9, Berlin

Participating Artists:

Anthony Antonellis
Anika Schwarzlose
Constant Dullaart
Baden Pailthorpe
Michael Manning
Emilio Gomariz
Adam Cruces
Niko Princen
Emile Zile
JK Keller

Prosume This is organized and curated by Kim Asendorf, Anika Schwarzlose & Jonas Lund.


flickrCheck out Aram Bartholl's Flickr set from the opening:

One and Four exhibition at the Widget Art Gallery

1and4 demoOne and Four
7 November - 7 December 2011 

One and Four is a site specific gif installation for the Widget Art Gallery where three 10-second animations are looped within a forth.

**Exhibition ended, you can view the archived version here**


About the WAG:

The “WAG” is nano virtual gallery-room Chiara Passa developed for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Every month, directly on your mobile, The “WAG” hosts a solo digital art exhibition related to the dynamic site-specific contest. For iPhone and iPod touch, just copy this url in Safari and choose: “add to home” and The WAG's icon will be saved on your iPhone. Do the same for iPad but pasting this other URL:, or download the widget version for Mac osx dashboard at: 

Streaming Festival

Streaming FestivalI have a few works which will be shown in the 2011 Streaming Festival

Streaming Festival
6th Edition
1-18 December 2011

Opening: 1 December 2011
Het Nutshuis
Riviervismarkt 5, 2513 AM
The Hague, The Netherlands


Crap=Good, The Animated Gif Exhibition

crap=goodI have a work in this show curated by Pieterjan Grandry of Crap=Good

Thursday, 10 November - 30 December 2011

The first exhibition opens the 10th of November at 18.00 in 'Ten Prinsenhove', Koningstraat 8, 2000 Antwerpen

At 19.00 an opening speech by Annick Schramme and some live music by Newton at 19.30

"Since the invention of the animated gif in 1987 the moving image became a well spread fact on the internet. Today, more and more the Gif is experiencing an upraise in popularity and even entering the field of Art.

The animated Gif was invented in 1987, which makes us wonder if there is a Gif today still looping since then. Seeing there is no record of the longest playing Gif, this 'competition' and communal exhibition will mark the start of the loop."

BLITZ exhibition in Paris

Blitz Expo

21-27 October 2011

La Noire Galerie - Hors-les-murs
47, rue Popincourt, 75011
Paris, France


Anthony Antonellis (web)
Lindsay Lawson (vidéo)
Camille Le Houezec (édition)
Guthrie Lonergan (vidéo)


GLI.TC/H 20111 101 will be exhibited at GLI.TC/H 20111


Chicago (Nov. 4-6) and Amsterdam (Nov. 11-13)

GLI.TC/H is an annual international noise && [dirty] new-media event / conference / symposium / festival / gathering for artists, thinkers, performers, makers && breakers


BYOB 5caaarr3d &/ PR0f4nee, Peaks Island, Maine

Banner by Emilio Gomariz

Unsustainable Shape is headed to Maine.

BYOB 5caaarr3d &/ PR0f4nee, Peaks Island, Maine

October 15, 2011


Helen Adamidou
Anthony Antonellis
Kim Asendorf
Emilio Gomariz
Rollin Leonard
Lorna Mills LornaMillsImageDump
Hendrik Niefeld

More here:


Video by Rollin Leonard

Unsustainable Shape


Unsustainable Shape
Runtime 10 seconds, looping

Premiered at 5caaarr3d &/ PR0f4nee, curated by Rollin Leonard

Historically preserved gifs!

My works and were curated into the Rhizome ArtBase at the New Museum.

Put it on a pedestal:

Behold behold:

Fach & Asendorf Gallery --> GIF GROUP SHOW --> friends


My work is now online in the Group GIF Show "Friends" at Fach & Asendorf Gallery

--> GIF GROUP SHOW --> friends 

UBERMORGEN.COM, Emilio Gomariz, JK Keller, Rick Silva, Michael Manning, Jerome Saint-Clair, Martin Böttger, Anthony Antonellis, Brandon Blommaert, Dataswitch, Rollin Leonard, Dylan Fisher, Lukasz Karluk, Corentin Héraud, Johnny Crab & Samantha Harvey.

Fach & Asendorf Gallery
Internet, Stuttgart, Kassel

How Nicolas Bourriaud uses Facebook


How Nicolas Bourriaud uses Facebook
Runtime 1 min 5 seconds

Behold, behold

Behold, behold

"Behold, behold: two marvelous objects to gaze upon."

BYOB São Paulo / ®NOVA Closing Party

BYOB Rojo-Nova

BYOB São Paulo / ®NOVA Closing Party
29 October 2011 @ 20h00

Cinemateca Brasileira
Largo Senador Raul Cardoso, 207
São Paulo, Brazil

Curators: Rafael Rozendaal, Yoshi Sodeoka, David Quiles Guilló. Artists confirmed: Rafael Rozendaal, Max Hattler, Clemens Behr, E*Rock, M4Sk 22, Simon Woolham, John Hyatt, Beth Wexler, Yoshi Sodeoka, Veronica Luyo, Lucia Zapata, Noriko Okaku, Igor Shin Moromisato, Abstract Birds, Catherine Genest, Fernando Visockis, Rosa Menkman, Alexandre Rangel, Anthony Antonellis, Joymar Castro and Marcelo Fontes, Sara Ludy, Emilio Gomariz, André Damião Bandeira, Jorge Schutze / Cia.Ltda, Samantha Marie, Renato Atuati, MOMO, Sophie Gateau, Sabrina Ratté, Jeffers Egan, Cristopher Cichocki, Alex McLeod, Jan Goldfuss, Carolina Melis, Mark Jenkins, Boris Hoppek, Jimmy Joe Roche, Biosfear, A.Bill Miller, Victor De La Rocque, 310k, Sergei Sviatchenko… Live mix of all video’s audio: David Quiles Guilló, Renato Baractho.

Video courtesy of Alexandre Rangel


Put it on a pedestal

Put it on a pedestal .com

"Put it on a pedestal: a gif storage facility which emulates museum conventions; visitors are required to put the works on a pedestal."

Speed Show – “Becoming, Not Being”

becoming not being2August 27th 9 pm – 2 am

internet-cafe Bordeaux
Schonhauser Alle 52a
10437 Berlin, Germany

“Becoming, Not Being” is in reference to flux, change, turbulence, evolution, emergent phenomena, consciousness and the Internet. It’s a way of thinking of ‘non-selfhood’ and an openness to change and flexible notions of self and other. It is a model of thought in which travel and movement, rather than destination and place, become areas of investigation. The world is in constant flux, which creates infinite opportunities for discovery and rebirth. There is no empirical objective structured reality in which we live, but rather fluctuating interference patterns and fractaling levels of consciousness and thought which are constantly forming and dissolving like flocks of birds. These spiritual notions of impermanence, non-selfhood and interconnectedness are analogous to the structure of the Internet and the ways in which it has transformed, and will continue to transform human consciousness. I have asked participating artists in “Becoming, Not Being” to consider the title of the show and interpret it freely as they see fit.
- Sterling Crispin

Participating Artists

Anthony Antonellis
Jermy Bailey
Lucy Chinen
Joseph Coniff
Aurora Crispin
Sterling Crispin
Bea Fremderman
Kristy Foom
Francoise Gamma
Emilie Gervais
Alexandra Gorczynski
Jeremiah Johnson
Daniel Keller
Sally McKay
Lorna Mills
Wyatt Niehaus
Dmitri Obergfell
Nicholas O’Brien
Niko Princen
Ryder Ripps
Rafael Rozendaal
Zach Reini
Mike Schonebaum
Ernst Markus Stein
Britta Thie
Ania Urbanski
Mario Zoots


salon gifs C anim

Attending was a series of four art salons initiated by Hendrik Niefeld and Ronny Szillo at the Essential Existence Gallery in Leipzig, Germany.

Inspired by Rafaël Rozendaals BYOB format every salon consisted of an few hours lasting exhibition of projected artworks. The four exhibitions featured eight artists per evening, each showing one work.

Visitors and artists could attend the salons and featured exhibitions IRL or online via Ustream, as well as the G+ Hangout.

Participating artists have been asked to invite one other appreciated artist to the following exhibition.


25.08. - 01.09. - 08.09. - 15.09. - 2011

first salon - august 25

Anthony Antonellis
Bea Fremderman
Burkhard Beschow
Francoise Gamma
Jeffrey Henderson
Paul Philipp Heinze
Ron Nuyork


Acrylic on Canvas, installed on location behind glass
132 x 264 cm (approx. 4 x 8 feet)

Impulse 101 (an installation, half painting/half internet) by Anthony Antonellis will be installed in Galerie Eigenheim during The installation will be powered up for the 4 July performance at 21:00. More details below:

Alma Alloro - Eröffnung mit Performance am 04.Juli 2011 um 21 Uhr, Ausstellungsdauer bis 10.Juli 2011 ist eine Hommage an das Radio, Pop Musik und den Modernismus. Es ist eine Musik-Performance und Kunst-Installation, die in der Galerie Eigenheim in Weimar stattfindet.

Die Installation besteht einerseits aus einem Monument aus alten Radios als Ausgangsmaterial und andererseits einem einmaligen Event: Das Radio-Monument wird aufgenommene Live-Music von Bauhaus FM (106,6 Mhz in Weimar) empfangen, die der Künstlerin Alma Alloro als Playback für ihre Performance dient. Das Radio-Monument selbst ist nach der Live-Performance noch für eine Woche in der Galerie zu sehen.


Extend.Fm is an humage to radio, pop music and modernism. It is a music performance and an art installation, taking place in Eigenheim Gallery, Weimar.The installation consists of a monument made from old radio receivers as a ground material and a one time event. In the event, the radio monument receives pre-recorded live music from the local radio station in Weimar- Bauhaus FM (106.6 fm) which will be used as the playback for the musical performance held by Alma Alloro. Before and after the performance the radio monument will stay in the gallery space for a duration of a week.

Alma Alloro is an electronic performer stitched to an installation artist; she an 8-bit Rainbow Bright who rides around the art world with an army of misfit toys blasting a medley synthesized beats.

Photoshop Skillz


Photoshop Skillz
Runtime 5 min 40 seconds

Music: Bikecore, July 4 set

Impulse 101


Impulse 101

Impulse 101 is a diptych, half painting/half projection, 100% on the internet.

The work begins with the 4 foundational font characters of 8-bit Block ASCII, ░ ▒ ▓ █. It consists of two 100 x 100 cm canvases. The left (black) side is acrylic on canvas, while the right counterpart is a video projection of ASCII art animations utilizing real and faux copy paste glitches in MS WordPad.

Impulse 101: An essay about art, the internet and everything




I have discovered the existence of time travelling bandits who steal your original thoughts. They download your files and images, sift through your newest ideas and return with them to the past. They spend years developing and articulating these ideas, using them to give lectures and to write books and essays. Decades, sometimes centuries, later you will discover your ideas in these books and realize what has transpired. At least that is how I like to imagine it happens.

When discovering your writings and artworks have already been done, often in better and more developed versions than your own, it is easy to become discouraged. Instead of feeling like a bad photocopy, I have decided to treat this experience as validating, as being on the right track.

Impulse 101 is a story about art, the internet and everything.

This story is a bus ride from cave painting to post-internet art; along the way it stops to pick up important passengers such as perfectionism, science fiction, minimalism, technology, interactivity, and generational theory. It is a relatively chronological narrative beginning with the evolution of art institutions, the development of the contemporary gallery, and conflicts regarding audience. The story ends with the unification of the preceding topics and the transition from artistic contemplation to erudition which ultimately manifests in a specific approach to art making.

This essay was written with a degree of user-friendliness in consideration of a broad readership.


Wappen (photo showing reflected light), 45 x 45 cm, enamel and reflective tape on aluminum, 2011Wappen (photo showing diffused light), 45 x 45 cm, enamel and reflective tape on aluminum, 2011Wappen, Installation Concept (Day) Wappen, Installation Concept (evening) Wappen, Installation Concept (night) Wappen, Installation Concept, technical drawing Wappen, Installation Concept, technical drawing

Wappen is a concept for an exterior installation on the Kammer der Technik building which houses the art space Weltecho.

Wappen, or coat of arms, identifies Weltecho as a citadel of the art world. In place of a shield, this coat of arms holds an icon which takes form only after an act by the observer.

The installation is 10 x 10 meter sign mounted on the northern façade. The shape of the sign forms a white cube. The white cube is depicted as a three-dimensional representation of a tesseract, or hypercube. Its contours are defined by retroreflective sheeting; the image becomes revealed or obscured contingent on ambient light.

A white cube is a term used to describe a contemporary gallery or art space; the white cube houses art objects and presents the viewer with a void for the unadulterated reception of artwork. A white cube provides a timeless space; furthermore the burdens of its physical location and influence of the exterior world are diminished. Not all art spaces conform to this white cube classification, nonetheless identifying a location as a white cube readily conveys the underlying archetype. Like a flag driven into a mountaintop, the emblem of a white cube on the building brands the Kammer der Technik as an art space.

In Wappen, the depiction of the cube is shown as a hypercube; this image extends the metaphor of the white cube into four-dimensional space. As we are bound to three-dimensional space, we cannot directly experience the fourth dimension. Like the arts, the abstract concept of the fourth-dimension cannot be held or touched and is only made material when imagined. 


Anbau @ Weltecho Chemnitz


18 international artists present art and architecture models for the Weltecho Chemnitz

Opening event:
January 21st, 19:00.
20:00: live music by the Pentatones (Weimar). 

January 22 – February 25.
Opening hours: Wednesday-Friday, 17:00-21:00 (or by appointment). 

Weltecho, Annaberger Str. 24
09111 Chemnitz

For more information: