Back to School

A selfless portrait

An homage to Laurie Anderson

net art forgery

Alpha Channel Male + Alpha Channel Female

micro-curatorial project launching this fall

a stock video short film

demo reel inspired by tech school commercials

A video accurately described by the title

Trigger words to make the NSA friend you

bottled water infused with energy bracelet

similar food arrangements in distant locations

Animated GIF on LED Billboard

30,000 public domain animated gifs

Detatched Retina Display

My color surrogate

Rococo New Media

Something to reflect on

A gradient of gradients

I am a big bright shining star

Past paintings, 2002-2006

Painting between a reflection and the reflected

An experiment in virtual presence

A Trapper Keeper inspired object

Self-administered Facebook notifications

Two marvelous objects to gaze upon

A gif museum exhibit

IRL .gif object

Videos about Photoshop

Half acrylic, half beamer — 100% on the internet

A series of 24 color gradient .gif objects

How to make money on the internet

A technological endurance art installation

Video work shooting neon yellow

Telesync copies of Photoshop Skillz on VHS tape

GIFs saved from Wikimedia requests for deletion

Tagged skateboards + video installation

Windows icons on the street

Opening and unpacking artwork I receive

A view of Nutopia made for Sheroes #5

A Photoshop performance in color picking.

netart in commemoration

Paintings between graffiti and a wall

You will find all my GIFs + JPGs here

Inviting two new artists every 30 days