Credit Card Curation / Card 13: Faith Holland

I am curating my credit card design as an exhibition space; this month the invited artist is Faith Holland

Faith Holland



Of the feminine zero, Sadie Plant writes, in her aptly titled book Zeros + Ones:

“The zeros and ones of machine code seem to offer themselves as perfect symbols of the orders of Western reality, the ancient logical codes which make the difference between on and off, right and left, light and dark, form and matter, mind and body, white and black, good and evil, right and wrong, life and death, something and nothing, this and that, here and there, inside and out, active and passive, true and false, yes and no, sanity and madness, health and sickness, up and down, sense and nonsense, west and east, north and south. And they made a lovely couple when it came to sex. Man and woman, male and female, masculine and feminine: one and zero looked just right, made for each other: 1, the definite, upright line; and 0, the diagram of nothing at all: penis and vagina, thing and hole . . . hand in glove. A perfect match.”

Of the monetary zero, it is written of and by credit cards:

“0% APR credit cards may be a good financial decision for you.”
“A 0% credit card may sound tempting. But it could wind up costing you.”
“Compare the top 0% credit cards.” “Ready for Zero.”
“Apply for a 0% balance transfer with Discover and save on outstanding credit card debt.”
“Credit card companies are once again offering free money — or it sure looks free when you see a huge 0% plastered on the envelope.”
“Hand-picked 12 0% APR credit cards to help you save money and enjoy life.”
“Pay 0%, with no nasty surprises.”
“The 0% rate is the most common when a new credit card account is opened. This teaser rate is temporary.”
Zero. Nothingness. Lack. Teaser. Hole. Tempting. Deficit. Nasty. Void. Absence. Temporary. Depression. Free.

This GIF is excerpted and adapted from, an abstract porn site.


Faith Holland

Posted Monday, 19 August 2013